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The Secret to Happy Fuckfriends

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There are two types of fuckfriends: happy fuckfriends and unhappy fuckfriends. Seems pretty straightforward, right? It seems like a very binary way to split up an otherwise complicated topic. As you probably already know, whenever you mix physical intimacy with emotional personal intimacy, you are essentially looking at a potentially explosive relationship. Usually, having sex with somebody on a casual basis doesn’t mix with real deep and profound friendship.


This is the kind of risk that you run if you are trying to develop fuckfriends. So, what separates highly successful fuck buddy relationships with not-so-successful ones? Well, it’s all about happiness and the problem is unhappy or tense fuckfriends all have one thing in common. They first started off as friends. They spent a lot of time together, they went through several trials together, they’ve cried together, laughed together. They’ve really bonded over an extended period of time.


Somehow, someway, the guy or the woman comes up with the idea that maybe they should start fucking each other. This is when the relationship takes a weird turn. Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re still friends, but there’s some tension in the air. They’re not as happy as before. They seem to have traded a lot of the happiness and spontaneity for the open invitation to jump on each other’s bones whenever either of them is feeling horny. In other words, you are basically letting go of some of the greatness of your friendship just because you want the feature where you get to fuck your friend.


Compare this with happy fuckfriends who started out as fuckfriends. In other words, they started out as people who are looking to have sex and then they develop into friends. This is why they’re happy. There is no sense that a key part of the friendship is essentially being sacrificed so these two people can fuck each other. Do you see where I’m coming from with this? If you want to find a fuck buddy, you need to do it the right way. You need to make sure that your fuckfriends are happy. Otherwise, you’re playing the game to lose.

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