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Masturbation is Worth Making Routine

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Everyone has their own routines. I know a lot of guys who need coffee as soon as they wake up, and beer to wind down at night. As for me, I am an energy drink guy in the morning and a beer guy at night. I also jerk off twice a day. The time of the day does change depending on what else I have going on and if I am in a relationship or not, but it’s rare that I don’t rub one out every day.

I like masturbating in the morning before I leave for the day. It puts me in a better mind space before dealing with people. Then at night, I will often jerk off as I’m winding down for the night, or if I am going back out for dinner or something, I will do it before I leave. It’s routine for me. I don’t have a specific girl or fetish that drives it. It’s just something I do before getting on with the other things in my life.

I have found that watching couples fuck in free adult chat is a great option for daily masturbation. Especially when the performers know their angles and pull off POV style action. I love a big ass bouncing in my face as the girl takes a big dick.

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