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Live webcam sex is my new favorite thing

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I think I am now addicted to live webcam sex. Not in a bad way, but it is just my new favorite thing to do. I used to watch videos or look at hot pictures, but now that I have had a few amazing one on one experiences with cam girls those old movies and pics are pale in comparison.
There are a lot of place where you can chat with cam girls these days, but my favorite is by far.

The best part about hooking up with a girl on cam is that it is fully interactive. The first time I did it I was actually kind of nervous. We connected and did a cam 2 cam chat so she could see me while I saw her. At first I just watched her as she stripped and touched herself, but when she got out her vibrator and started moaning as she worked herself with it, I got so turned on I nearly tore my close off. Normally I am pretty reserved and kind of shy, but this amazing girl had brought out the devil inside me!

After a few hot shows she and I have gotten to know each other. She knows what I like and she loves to make me happy. Chatting online with her has taken my online sex life to a whole new level!

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