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Laura’s Pussy’s So Yummy

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Lovely Laura goes by yummmylicious on Chaturbate, and she’s quickly become my new favorite cam girl. I swear it’s like this babe was a porn director in a past life. Or maybe she just watches a shit ton of porn. Because she knows exactly how to work a cam!

She films from two different angles so you can watch her pussy and or asshole being pounded with a wide variety of dildos, plugs, and her trusty fucking machine. But then you can also watch her from the front so you can see her face contort in ecstasy, watch her pant, and listen to her moan as she fucks herself hard and fast.

Since I use CamBB to get to her, it means I can also stream cam feeds from all the top sites in one place. Which is nice for when this sexy bitch needs to take a break so I’m not stuck twiddling my thumbs waiting for her to get online. Instead, I can explore all of the hot and horny babes waiting to play with me right now free!

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