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How to pick up on live nude girls

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The funny thing about watching live nude girls on the internet is not the naked entertainment in and of itself. Let’s face it, if you just want to see naked people getting it on or solo, you can find that anywhere on the internet. The internet is just blowing up with that kind of stuff. It doesn’t take a genius to find porno.

But if you’re looking for real entertainment, pay attention to how the guys who watch live nude girls on the internet type out their responses. It’s a laugh a minute. These guys are just completely idiotic around these chicks. It’s as if they drank a gallon of whiskey before they started typing out their responses to live nude girls.

If you want to figure out how to pick up on live nude girls on the internet and actually hook up with them in real life, you have to first get over this challenge. Most guys turn into gelatin when they’re talking to very, very good-looking chicks. It becomes much, much worse when these women are naked in front of you. You just lose it.

This is completely natural. This is why if you want to pick up on these chicks, you have to do this simple trick. The trick is so simple, it blows my mind that people haven’t figured it out yet.

>What is the trick, you may ask. Well, it’s very simple. Just imagine that they’re fully clothed in the most conservative dress. This way, you’re not thinking with your penis or your testicles; with that image in your mind, you’re thinking with your brain. That’s the way you should do it, and that’s why some guys are able to pick up on these chicks successfully like on NudeLive.

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