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Girls Play Together at Your Direction

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The days when camming was a big secret are over. I remember chicks in ridiculous wigs and masquerade-style masks trying their best to hide their identity in dark room with grainy cams. Now it’s all crystal clear with everything on display. Girls still wear wigs and masks at times, but it’s just to be sexy and spice up their look. Not only are they showing faces now, but some even bring real life friends in on the fun. It’s like zero fucks are given over reputations. I love it.

CamBB has lots of live shows featuring two girls. They seem to have a lot of fun and feel comfortable working with a partner. So far, I haven’t seen any getting catty or trying to outdo each other. They’re just having a good time, making money, and supporting each other.

These are some of my favorites to go private with. It usually costs the same as a show with just one girl, so I’m getting twice as much for the money and they both want to make me happy. It’s a win-win.

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