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Getting Smart About Getting Off

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Like lots of people, I’m starting the new year off feeling a lot of regret over what I spent last year, especially around the holidays. My new year’s resolution is to become more financially fit and to cut way back on my spending. That doesn’t mean that I have to cut back on my porn consumption though, it simply means that I need to be smarter about it.

I was on my way to surf cam sites this afternoon, when I remembered to check for live chat deals first. I wanted to go in armed with the best bargains first, so that I wouldn’t be tempted by instant gratification.

I spent a little bit of time looking at what was being offered on and then made my selection. That lead me to watching a really horny redhead milf titty fucking a lifelike dildo and calling it by my name. She told me how bad she wanted me to cum for her, and I did.

I was mighty proud of both the cum load and the smart shopping.

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