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Everybody’s a Pornstar!

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I didn’t expect that this is what would happen if you made the porn industry more conveniently accessible to the masses. Gone are the days of porn auditions at a named location inaccessible to many and many other just don’t want to meet a person face to face who is very likely going to be some creep motherfucker that you never want to be in a room with, as a woman, in the first place.

Live cam sites have meant that pretty much anyone can be a performer from the comfort and safety of their own home without ever making actual contact with anyone in person and what happened? Suddenly we have thousands and thousands of amateur performers, every bit as hot and as good as contracted pornstars right at our fingertips.

Camsoda sex cams is one of those, one of the better ones in my opinion and where I would not even have bothered a few years ago, now the industry is flourishing after they have revisited the business model.

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